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Buy some music from us and if you like it, tell your friends! If they buy through your recommendation, we will pay you 10% of the value of their first order.* We ask everyone who buys how they heard about us. If you have bought from us and they tell us your name, we will pay you directly onto the same credit card that you used to make your original purchase. It's our way of saying thanks!

* The boring bit!: This excludes P+P costs. Payments will be made back to your card. If payments due to you are greater than the value of all orders that you have placed on your card, this additional amount may be made via alternative payment methods. Where charged, currency conversion and other fees levied by intermediary payment companies may be deducted from the payments due to you.
Yes a rhythm section can join you and you'll sound great! When playing the theme or a variant of it, all of the arrangements stay true to the harmonies of the original music so piano, bass, drums or guitar can easily be added to the mix to add new flavors to your sound.
A mix of straight, lyrical, jazz, swing, groove and funky styles, depending on the chart. Lots of the arrangements go through a number of styles on their journey through the music. Often an arrangement will feature several hearings of the theme, starting perhaps lyrically, then on the second verse becoming livelier, with improvised-sounding music based on the form and harmony of the original charts. The later verses are either pushed up a gear in excitment or richness, depending on the style of the music. Sometimes, original interludes divide the settings of the theme. If these are longer than a few bars, they feature optional cuts straight to the next theme. This mix of styles makes the arrangements suitable for either background gigs, recordings, concert performances or just sheer fun!
All of the music on the Fourplay Collection is already popular with the public, so they will love you for playing their favorite tunes! Turned On arrangements give a new take on the music, lending your quartet's style an individual touch whilst keeping the music challenging as well as fun and interesting for players and audience alike.
Some of the arrangements feature an open section where you can let rip and do your own thing if you want! We know that not everyone is happy improvising, so we always provide a playable 'written out' solo if the arrangement includes one of these 'improvised' sections.
The arrangements are at an intermediate level and always stay within the normal comfortable playing range. On very rare occasions, an exceptionally high or low note may be written but this is always optional and the music will sound effective without this optional part. There are moments where players can rest to make stamina easier, and the lead line is always swapped between players to make the music fun for everyone and easier too.
Turned On Music provides new arrangements and compositions for musicians across the world as well as for films, theatre and TV. Contact us and we can take it from there.
Parts and scores are in tenor and bass clefs. Yes, we can provide parts in other clefs. Contact us if you would like us to organise this for you.
Your music is sent from sunny England by Royal Mail First Class or Airmail, depending on where you live. First class in the UK is delivered the next working day after posting, and Airmail usually takes five working days to get to you after the day of posting, or less if the postman flaps his wings really, really fast. We've had music land on a doormat in Australia four working days after the customer clicked 'checkout.'
Contact us and send us your thoughts. We'll have a quick read, and if everyone's happy, your name and words will soon appear on the reviews page.
"Thanks for getting the music in the post so quickly..."

Jonny Watkins, Spitfire Trombone Quartet, London, Jan 2006