NEW! Recordings now available - A Walk On The Wild Slide CD album
A Walk on the Wild Slide is the new album by Richard Cross which brings ten trombone quartet arrangements to life in style as he performs all four parts. Officially released at The International Trombone Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on 22nd June 2011. For several years, people in various parts of the world have been emailing saying that we should get a recording made - check it out and have a cheeky listen to clips from the tracks!
International Trombone Festival 2011, Nashville, USA
Turned On Music visited Music City in June 2011! The brand new album A Walk On The Wild Slide was launched at the International Trombone Festival.
Independence Day 2009 Celebrations - New Orleans Trombone Choir
Directed by the legendary Milton Bush (an arranger on the score for the original Superman movie according to a choir member), The New Orleans Trombone Choir performed music from Turned On as part of the 2009 Independence Day Celebrations in New Orleans. Delfeayo Marsalis also performed at this event as a soloist. Delfeayo has several Turned On arrangements in his collection.
2009 - Musicians perform music from Turned On in four continents
Turned On arrangements have been performed in many countries throughout the world, and in 2009 we celebrated a global milestone in having had arrangements played in four of the world's continents! Professional, amateur and student musicians alike have played the charts and thrilled their audiences with the Turned On sound - a big thank you for the positive feedback you've given. Here's to ending the silence in the other three continents!
International Trombone Festival 2006 - Birmingham, England
Turned On Music exhibited at the International Trombone Festival once again, this time in Birmingham, UK. Hello to everyone from north, south, east and west who made it to the festival - it was wonderful to see so many faces from last year's festival in New Orleans coming back to the stand to say hi! Thanks to everyone who took new arrangements home with you - we hope you are enjoying your new music!
Richard Survives 65mph Car Crash
In the early hours of 11th June 2004, just a few days before the 2004 International Trombone Festival in New York, Richard was involved in a serious collision at 65mph on the M27 motorway at Southampton, UK. He escaped with a broken sternum and fractured ribs but was unable to attend the festival where Turned On arrangements were being performed. Richard is now fully recovered. During the months of recuperation, he put pencil to paper and created lots more Turned On trombone quartet arrangements. These are now ready and waiting for you at the sheet music page.
Reaching for The White House - Turned On's not-so-humble beginnings
The first Turned On arrangement, 'My Funny Valentine', was created in 1994, and lay patiently in a drawer for several years... In 2000, whilst on tour in Manchester, Richard met the Bones Apart girls by chance in a late night bar. Over a post show drink, Richard and the girls talk about the arrangement and the music is very soon in their hands. They go on to perform it on a tour in the USA, where they inspire several American trombone players to contact Richard and request the sheet music for the arrangement. An email soon arrived from American trombonist Dave Wingard, saying that his trombone quartet, Slide By Slide, had an upcoming performance on the lawn of The White House for the US Senate, and 'My Funny Valentine' is on the program... The politician who was sponsoring the performance was then promptly voted out of much for democracy! The event never took place, but requests for sheet music grew, and performances flourished. Since 2002 Turned On Music has served musicians across the world, many of whom have given us kind feedback on the arrangements.
"Richard... I am excited to have Summertime, as it seems to be a great arrangement. We can't wait to play some of your works... thanks.."

Glenn Winkey, Spokane, WA, USA, November 2006