On Green Dolphin Street

Smooth chords open the arrangement, leading us into the theme, which is sounded with freedom and space. The lead line swaps between players as the music unfolds, before the theme is sounded again, with more life as the bass part enjoys the limelight of playing the melody. A contrasting interlude distances us momentarily from the scene, giving space for reflection, before the music is drawn inevitably back to a charged upbeat section, exploring evolving colors and moods and giving a new take on the material from the theme. A second groove section audaciously drives the music on with ruder harmony and punchy dynamics. The interlude returns, richly contemplating the music so far, before the theme returns once more. At its climax, the interlude enters to close the piece, adding a cheeky tinge before ushering in silence....

"I bought My Funny Valentine on recommendation from some of my Trinity College of Music (London) friends and have really enjoyed working on it with the quartet at Cambridge University. Jazz always goes down well in our concerts but we find it difficult to find well arranged pieces that donít need a rhythm section to really come off. Richardís My Funny Valentine arrangement uses the instruments really well, going through a number of different moods and is satisfying to play and also listen to."

Dave Read, Cambridge University trombone ensemble, England, 2003