All The Things You Are

Stop time for a few moments and lace sheer beauty into your soundscape with this arrangement of Jerome Kern�s touching song. A reflective opening calms the air�.. the theme melts through and rich harmonies enchant listeners and players alike. The theme comes four times in one arrangement, always growing, looking, finding and expressing more� shading, echo, emotion�. a jazz section gives a new take on the tune and shows another side of just what your quartet can do (featuring written out solos, or you can improvise along with chord symbols.) After a deep reprise, glowing chords resound to bring final stillness whilst an echo of emotion hangs on through the silence�..

"I have very impressed your ‘My Funny Valentine’ arrangement! I am looking forward the arrangement."

Masaki Awazu, Tokyo, Japan, October 2007 (in his own words!)