I Could Write A Book

This favourite standard, from the glitzy pen of the successful duo who stormed Broadway and the silver screen, is now available for you to *charm* your audiences with! The theme is thoughtfully laid out to show off just how expressive and moving your group can sound (I never knew you could be so sensitive!), before things get Turned On! Excitable music grows from the innocence of the theme, bubbling with energies based on the juicy chord progressions of the choice standard. Lines flow out from you and then come together once more, as though spontaneously improvised by the four of you, before rejoining the pack to push you ever onwards and upwards.... a reprise of the theme follows as the music summons back the fantastic melody for another blissful airing. Some tender moments overhang into the air as your quartet's soundscape defyingly dissolves into the atmosphere around you....

"....Your arrangement of Funny Valentine blew me away -- had to have it!.... looks really great! I hope to order several more tunes before long. Have you done any quintets or larger bone groupings?"

Arlan Johnson, Washington, USA, April 2007