The Nearness Of You

The enchantingly romantic theme is laid out for you with careful spacing, allowing the rich beauty of the music to maximise the sound of your quartet as the glowing phrases sing through. An interlude then echoes the sentiments of the theme, with expressive chords resonating warmly and leading to a pacier section for the ensemble, based on the harmony of the theme with jazz lines flowing from player to player as the excitement grows. After the music peaks, an extended interlude is given the freedom to reign, cooling down into a warm reprise of the theme which is greeted with familiarity as the players milk the theme for all that it can give.hawaii products After the inevitable climax, the interlude briefly sounds once more, before a descending bass line with time-stoppingly rich harmony sounds, allowing the sentiments of the theme to hang in the air as silence ultimately kisses the arrangement to an infinite close.

"Richard has skill as an arranger and we'd like to work with him in the future."

Ryan Breen, tubist in Tubalate, England, September 2003