The piece begins with the familiar opening and theme, transcribed faithfully for quartet. A second chorus of the theme is heard, played in the dominant key with a hint of spice, utilising lush doubling and subtle details. A retrospective cooling off chordal passage follows, based on the progressions in the song, before the music draws itself into a moment of stillness... (ssssshh!!)... Rudely, an upbeat section comes in, funking everything up and adding new energy to the mix! The parts work together, creating a homogenous sound exploring different colours and effects. Parts break free from the pack with improvised-sounding lines, creating new textures, before rejoining the ensemble with renewed energy. Bell-tones, trills (optional!), juicy chords and jolting syncopations add fire and fizz, as a few smooth chords glide past, leading us ever onwards and upwards... A funky groove kicks in, taking the music up a gear! The original theme is set free, played smoothly in the first two parts, above the rhythmic audacity grooving on the ground below. The music grows to an imminent climax... after which, in a brief moment of melody, the bass part helps to calm everybody down! Things draw in once more, leading us back to the atmosphere in which the piece began... the familiar warming chords at the end of the song are sounded....four misty jazz chords resonate, before the final chord gently lays the piece down to rest once more!

"I just love your arrangement of My Funny Valentine which is on the Bones Apart CD, 'No More Blues.' ...I'd like to buy your arrangement..."

Sian Herlihy, amateur musician, London, August 2003