I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You

Get all slushy and pretend you are Tommy Dorsey in this lush new arrangement of Gettin' Sentimental for quartet! Featuring two lavish settings of the original theme and a middle upbeat jazz section, this chart captures all the expression of the song and adds a twist of excitement to your sound in the racier middle swing section. Perform with panache and bring on the vibrato as you read through the two lyrical settings of the theme which open and close the chart, then breathe easy against the backdrop of momentary interludes which allow the dust to settle between soundings of the theme. Glide through the changes in the jazz section as you follow the written-out "improvised" solos, or if you feel like doing your own thing, chord symbols are provided - light the touchpaper and soar over the supportive sounds beneath you! This chart is arranged for solo trombone, in the original key of D, with three accompanying parts, but if you'd prefer a copy with the lead shared around, email us and we'll send you a copy where everyone gets sentimental and plays a bit of the tune!

"At the International Trombone Festival 2006 in Birmingham I bought your arrangement of 'Autumn Leaves.' Two weeks ago I performed it for the first time with my trombone quintet 'Slide-O-Five' in a church in Bad Salzuflen / Germany. I would like to say to you that Autumn Leaves is a great arrangement!... We had fun playing it and the audience was rapt. Autumn Leaves will be a constant part of our concert repertoire!"

Matthias Krüger, Germany, February 2007