Autumn Leaves

As performed by Don Lucas & The American Classic Trombone Quartet. Heartfelt music wrought with emotion opens the arrangement, setting the scene for what is to come.... Joseph Kosma's beautiful theme is played reflectively and with a little air in the texture, allowing the sweet vulnerability of the melody to sing through. A deep chorale follows, rising up through the sound spectrum and leaving some tasteful jazz harmonies in its wake, leading us onto the next hearing of the theme. The bass part picks up the lead here whilst the top three parts tickle the air lightly with sweet, smooth lines in perfect togetherness. Midway through the theme, the parts conspire, and in the name of jazz, come together in full-blooded written out jazz swing. Things calm down once again, leading into an extended chorale section, touching through several keys on its journey forwards... upon finding its way once more, the music is drawn passionately and impatiently into a yet richer sounding of the main theme, elevated in a new key. Sweeping smooth lines and bold harmonies add new depths to the music, although ultimately its more tender nature prevails. The piece draws inwards with a sounding of the chorale reinvented once more..... thoughtful, lush chords penetrate the senses, allowing a final chord to settle, capturing the essence of the song in its infinite stillness..........

"After listening to Richard's arrangements it was clear that these were going to be perfect for our 'bone section. Look forward to playing one at the next concert. Big thanks"

Chris Lloyd, Band of the Coldstream Guards (British Army), London, September 2012