On The Street Where You Live

A rich, mellow introduction leads us into the familiar theme, laid out warmly for the ensemble. The lead melody is passed on from one instrument to the next, whilst the accompanying parts fit together, rising and falling with the ebb and flow of the harmonies and phrasing. Bluer harmony adds colour to the theme as the end of the refrain draws ever nearer.... The music from the chorale-like introduction returns to haunt us beautifully, blending together in rich harmony, moving forwards inexorably.... The inevitable return of the theme resolves all tension in an easy upbeat swing feel. The atmosphere is light; the parts knit together, creating a smooooooooth jazzy feel! Blue harmonies, energised rhythms and gliding written out jazz lines create a texture which darts in and out from being cheeky to just cool. Once more, the lead line is passed around so that each player gets to ride the groove! We land back in the lap of lyricism with a firm plop as the theme is again sounded to more leisurely, soulful harmony. At the conclusion of the theme, the opening chorale resonates once more, after which some deep, rich chords follow. There is some space for reflection before a sweet chord brings the piece to a satisfied close.

"Our trombone quartet, Fossil Bones, is in the process of putting together a program for the Association of Concert Bands Convention in Michigan, USA in May 2011. We are one of the performing ensembles chosen to play for their convention. I'm hoping we can include one or two of your arrangements on our program. We have 6 of your arrangements in our book already that our bass trombonist bought a year or so ago. Love the arrangements!! Plenty challenging."

Bob Woodard, Jackson, MI, USA, August 2010