'Round Midnight

Moody chords hang like smoke in the air, setting the scene a la jazz club, leading us into the soulful, hazy theme. Subtle syncopations punctuate the scene, brushing against the melody whilst late night jazzy dissonances emerge from the harmonic texture, complementing the smoky lead line. The music breathes with the phrases of the melody. Whilst we're all wallowing in blue juice at the end of the theme, the bass part kicks forward into a double tempo swing feel. Written out jazz lines flow from part to part, contrasted by mild punchy interjections whilst a smooth walking bass feel grounds us from below. Cool, smooth harmonies schmooze the players together into a single blend before sheer rhythmic drive pushes the music on... the lead is paired in harmony by a supporting part and sometimes goes slightly wild, with the ensemble playing the role of rhythm section beneath. By way of an interlude, a jazz inspired chorale brings the music in closer to the heart before the main theme is heard once again, more colorfully.... moody laid back jazz gives over to upbeat rudeness, and back again...... Eventually, things cool off, as well they must... dawn comes so soon! Some well spelled jazz chords leave the smoke hangin' in the air... with a final flourish, the music fades away into the atmosphere of the early hours.... 'Round Midnight!

"Thanks a lot for the music. They are really beautiful arrangements. Congratulations!"

Kostas Alexandris, Athens, Greece, April 2006