Walk On By

Infuse style and soft attitude into your mix of music with another gem from Bacharach�. this timeless R&B groove is now ready and waiting for you! Arranged to make you sound great together, this number will get feet gently moving in time with the beat as your style flows effortlessly out over this soulful track. Complete with all elements from the original song (including the da��da..da�..da..da� trumpet riff!) Notch up some style points� order this sleek number now and let�s get you Walkin� On By!

"....I love that 5th song!.....the more I listen to that music, the more I like it! Excellent stuff!"

Nancy Hirst, Director, Icon Theatre, December 2003 (upon hearing The Canterbury Tales score {composed for the production} which toured the UK in 2004)