Do You Know The Way to San Jos´┐Ż?

Splash some cool hues into your next performance! The original feel good number from the West coast of the USA is now captured, tamed and set free for you to enjoy and share in this brand new Turned On arrangement! Bacharach´┐Żs finger-clicking song of hittin´┐Ż the road and following your dreams leaves a warm glow in its wake as the melody breezes through smooth chords, stylishly spaced. Refreshing ´┐Żimprovised´┐Ż (written out) sounds breathe new life into the chart as your journey to San Jos´┐Ż unfolds´┐Ż new pairings and colors season the scoring as the possibilities are explored by the four of you. Just the right amount of groove keeps the number clickin´┐Ż along to the mirage at the end of the road, where a final glimpse of the theme draws the energies together one last time...

"After listening to Richard's arrangements it was clear that these were going to be perfect for our 'bone section. Look forward to playing one at the next concert. Big thanks"

Chris Lloyd, Band of the Coldstream Guards (British Army), London, September 2012