Testimonials from across the world

"Every arrangement is fabulous… this is state of the art arranging! We’d like to play Autumn Leaves this year at The International Trombone Festival in New York in June…."

Don Lucas, International Trombone Association President (2004)
"Steven Haynes, Royal College of Music (trombone student), London, October 2004

"After listening to Richard's arrangements it was clear that these were going to be perfect for our 'bone section. Look forward to playing one at the next concert. Big thanks"
Chris Lloyd, Band of the Coldstream Guards (British Army), London, September 2012

"I bought My Funny Valentine on recommendation from some of my Trinity College of Music (London) friends and have really enjoyed working on it with the quartet at Cambridge University. Jazz always goes down well in our concerts but we find it difficult to find well arranged pieces that don’t need a rhythm section to really come off. Richard’s My Funny Valentine arrangement uses the instruments really well, going through a number of different moods and is satisfying to play and also listen to."
Dave Read, Cambridge University trombone ensemble, England, 2003

"Like your stuff a lot. Thank you for the great arrangements"
Helen Vollam, BBC Symphony Orchestra (Principal Trombonist), September 2003 (after Bones Apart recital, London)

"Thanks for your excellent service... I won't have any hesitation in recommending you to anyone and will certainly keep an eye out for further purchases..."
Bernard Denlay, Kingston, Australia, June 2007 (Bernard received his Complete FourPlay Collection Pack in Australia four working days after placing his order)

"...I am interested in any arrangement that you put out because I think you have great taste in your arranging and amazing style in the writing....Amazing! So yes I will go to your website and order...they’re fantastic!"
Jared Lantzy, music student, Texas Tech University, USA, November 2003

"Richard, your arrangements worked a treat! The delegates at the Brass Band Summer School 2009 (Bromsgrove, UK) loved them - 20 trombones in all - and funnily enough, some of the delegates also brought some of your arrangements so it was a kind of 'Turned on Music' week ;-) Thanks ever so much for all your help getting the dots to me. I'll have no hesitation recommending your arrangements to fellow 'bonists. Congratulations on such a fine service"
Nick Hudson, UK trombone soloist / professor, Aldar Academies, Abu Dhabi, UAE, August 2009

"Just wanted you to know that the guys are really loving your arrangements. We think it is so cool all the little syncopations and all you got going (how do you think of all that?) …I am way past impressed with the presentation. Definitely quality stuff. After looking at these arrangements I am sure our little group will be doing more business with you. If I remember correctly you said you would do a request arrangement… how much do you charge to do a special request?"
Jeff Rose, GA, USA, August 2009

"....Your arrangement of Funny Valentine blew me away -- had to have it!.... looks really great! I hope to order several more tunes before long. Have you done any quintets or larger bone groupings?"
Arlan Johnson, Washington, USA, April 2007

"At the International Trombone Festival 2006 in Birmingham I bought your arrangement of 'Autumn Leaves.' Two weeks ago I performed it for the first time with my trombone quintet 'Slide-O-Five' in a church in Bad Salzuflen / Germany. I would like to say to you that Autumn Leaves is a great arrangement!... We had fun playing it and the audience was rapt. Autumn Leaves will be a constant part of our concert repertoire!"
Matthias Krüger, Germany, February 2007

"…You did the arrangement of ‘My Funny Valentine’... what a great chart."
Charles Campbell, Wichita Falls, TX, USA, July 2007

"The package arrived today intact. I've looked over the charts and they are very professional in appearance...... Thanks for all your patience and quick response!"
Steve Sherwick, Minnesota, USA, March 2007

"I have very impressed your ‘My Funny Valentine’ arrangement! I am looking forward the arrangement."
Masaki Awazu, Tokyo, Japan, October 2007 (in his own words!)

"…received all the music... looks great! I hope to come back for more, if these pieces sound as good as they look – rehearsal scheduled for next week!"
Ray Galt, Glasgow, Scotland, June 2007. (After playing the music, Ray did come back and order more arrangements for his collection)

"Like your stuff a lot. Thank you for the great arrangements"
George Breck, Sebastapol, CA, USA, June 2008

"Nice clear easy to read music and great scores. I like your passing around of the lead, both to give the first a break and to keep it more interesting for all. I am anxious to try them."
Bill Burke, Concord, California, May 2006

"Your stuff seems terrific..."
Henry Kavett, Director, The New Jersey Trombone Studio & Ensemble / professional freelance performer, New Jersey, USA, May 2006

"What a great service!!! Thanks for the parts and the mp3's. I hope to send you pictures and a mp3 / video of our performance in November of one of your arrangements."
Fred Manschot, Zeist, The Netherlands, September 2008

"Thanks a lot for the music. They are really beautiful arrangements. Congratulations!"
Kostas Alexandris, Athens, Greece, April 2006

"The charts have arrived and they look great!"
Ross Butcher, trombone student, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2006

"Received my chart today. Simply awesome!! Thanks so much. Please look forward to additional orders soon."
Purcell F. Bronk, Virginia USA, November 2005

"I have ordered your arrangements in the past and love your style. Hence, I’m writing to ask if you would do a special arrangement (I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You) for me……"
Andy Skinner, freelance performer and teacher, London, September 2005

"Played 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square' this morning and enjoyed it. 'Lots of good stuff in there' said my quartet mates."
John Monroe, Paolo Alto, CA, USA, September 2005

"Thanks for getting the music in the post so quickly..."
Jonny Watkins, Spitfire Trombone Quartet, London, Jan 2006

"Great tunes…. I’ve just received my FourPlay Collection and so far I’m very impressed with your work. I’m going to try the arrangements with my trombone quartet at the weekend."
Patrik Hellgren, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2006

"Hey! I had a blow through those quartets yesterday. They were great! You might be getting a few calls from people wanting to buy them! Cheers!"
Phill Hall, student, Trinity College of Music, London, July 2003

"Bridge Over Troubled Water and Walk On By are really nice arrangements."
Ian Fryer, Norwich, England, July 2005

"Richard has skill as an arranger and we'd like to work with him in the future."
Ryan Breen, tubist in Tubalate, England, September 2003

"The arrange impressed me very exited. I’m very interested your funky, jazzy and groovy arrangement. I hope this arrangement get the audience happy."
Iwami Yoshihiro, Tokyo, Japan (in his own words!!!) April 2006

"I just love your arrangement of My Funny Valentine which is on the Bones Apart CD, 'No More Blues.' ...I'd like to buy your arrangement..."
Sian Herlihy, amateur musician, London, August 2003

"....I love that 5th song!.....the more I listen to that music, the more I like it! Excellent stuff!"
Nancy Hirst, Director, Icon Theatre, December 2003 (upon hearing The Canterbury Tales score {composed for the production} which toured the UK in 2004)

"Your arrangement has been in our music pad for a couple of years now and the lads really enjoy playing it."
Martin Dean, Bass Trombonist, British Army (Band of the Army Air Corps, Middle Wallop), UK, May 2010

"Our trombone quartet, Fossil Bones, is in the process of putting together a program for the Association of Concert Bands Convention in Michigan, USA in May 2011. We are one of the performing ensembles chosen to play for their convention. I'm hoping we can include one or two of your arrangements on our program. We have 6 of your arrangements in our book already that our bass trombonist bought a year or so ago. Love the arrangements!! Plenty challenging."
Bob Woodard, Jackson, MI, USA, August 2010

"Hi Richard... I wanted to let you know that the new music we got from you was terrific! Do keep me on an email list to let me know when you have new arrangements available."
Bob Woodard, Jackson, MI, USA, September 2010

"Love your 'All The Things You Are' arrangement which we ordered a few months ago... it always goes down a storm!"
Chris Mackey, C4 Bones Quartet, UK, October 2010

"I really, really like your arrangements - I can see that a lot of effort has gone into creating both the sheet music and multitrack recordings - quality stuff!"
James McElroy, Bass Trombone, The Band of the Adjutant General's Corps (British Army), October 2010

"I like your scores for quartet from the British Trombone Society Day at Kneller Hall - they are really well written."
Chris Ford (student trombonist), London, UK, October 2010

"Great arrangements - challenging but well worth the effort. Thanks Richard!"
Paul Johnson, The Band of HM Royal Marines, Portsmouth, England, November 2010

"We especially liked 'Summertime' and 'On the Street Where You Live'... the writing is superb and I'm certain we will incorporate them into our concert in May."
Dougie Simpson, Bass Trombonist, Bochum Symphony Orchestra (Germany), March 2011

"We enjoy your music - it's challenging but also musically rewarding."
Ray Conklin, Low Brass Professor, Murray State University, USA, June 2011

"Richard... I am excited to have Summertime, as it seems to be a great arrangement. We can't wait to play some of your works... thanks.."
Glenn Winkey, Spokane, WA, USA, November 2006


"Bridge Over Troubled Water and Walk On By are really nice arrangements."

Ian Fryer, Norwich, England, July 2005